Snap-on Ferrite Choke

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Ferrite Bead Inside DiameterFerrite Bead WidthFerrite Bead LengthFerrite Bead Impedance at 10 MHz
0.275 in. 0.788 in. 1.550 in. 113 ohms per bead
0.525 in. 1.150 in. 1.550 in. 100 ohms per bead
0.750 in. 1.220 in. 1.650 in. 69 ohms per bead

DX Engineering RFI Suppression Snap-On Ferrite Beads are available in Combo Packs! 

When placed around a current-carrying conductor, RFI Suppression Snap-On Ferrite Beads act as an RF choke. They offer a convenient, and yet inexpensive and effective means of RF shielding, parasitic suppression, and RF decoupling. 

Their special ferrite mix is ideal at HF and VHF. They effectively decouple unwanted RF from automobile ignition systems, speaker wires, control lines, or other wires and cables suspected to be absorbing or radiating interference. 

DX Engineering RFI Suppression Snap-On Ferrite Bead Combo Packs are great for experimenting with RFI reduction. Plus, they simply snap on, so no cutting is needed for installation.

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