Parallel Charge Board for JST-XH & EC3 - For 10S Chargers

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Our parallel charge boards allow you to charge and balance up to six battery packs simultaneously without a clutter of wires. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they give you the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.

The board is already wired in parallel, all you need to do is plug your batteries’ charge and balance connectors to the board – ensuring that all the batteries are the same cell count. Each board can charge up to six batteries, from 2S up to 6S, at up to a 30A charge rate.


  • Charge Input Connectors: Female EC3 (female housing with male bullets inside)
  • Balance Input Connectors: Female JST-XH (2S-6S)
  • Charge Output Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
  • Balance Output Connector: Female JST-XH (6S)
  • Wire Type: 12 AWG Silicone
  • Wire Length: 8"
  • Board Dimensions: 140 x 68 x 17mm
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