Mid Case 915-3010 - 1000Watts

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This is the perfect match medium combo charging case AMR introduce to customer.

Ready to charge the batteries 1S to 6S.


  • Icharger 3010B

Compact, versatile and powerful, the iCharger line of battery chargers are among the most popular in the RC hobby.

The 3010B charger is designed for charging 1S-10S packs at up to a 30 amp charge rate, while also giving you useful tools such as measuring the internal resistance of your batteries, or safely and easily discharging packs for storage. With a JST-XH & ThunderPower balance board thrown in for free, you're ready for just about anything.


Maximum Charge Power 1000W (at >23V; 500W at 12V)
Charge Current Range 0.05-30.0A
Discharge Current Range 0.05-30.0A
Input Voltage 4.5-38V DC
Input Current 50A
Maximum Discharge 80W
Maximum Regenerative Discharge 1000W
Maximum External Discharge 1200W at 40V/30A
Current Drain For Balancing <500mA
Balance Accuracy <10mV
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1-10 series (up to 12S LiFe in non-balanced mode)
NiCd/NiMh Cell Count 1-25 series
Pb Battery Cell Count 1-18 series (2-36V)
Battery Setup Memories 10
Intelligent Temperature Control Yes
PC Connectivity USB port
Dimensions 143x123x46mm
Weight 750g
  • Mean Wells SE-1000-24

One of the most respected names in the business, Mean Well have been making power supplies for almost 30 years.

The SE-1000-24 is a powerful 1000 watt power supply that makes a great companion for a high-power charger. Combine it with an iCharger 306B, 3010B or 308 Duo and charge 6S packs at a full 30A.


Output Power (110 VAC) 1000W
Output Power (220 VAC) 1000W
Output Voltage 24V DC (adjustable +/-10%)
Output Current 41.7A
Input Voltage 90-132V/180-264V AC (selected by jumper)
AC Power Cord Not included
Dimensions 278x127x64mm
Weight 2500g
Warranty 2 years
AC Cable Optional


For power supplies without integrated power cables, such as the Mean Well line, this heavy-duty cord gets you hooked up to AC power easily and safely with spade ends that connect to the screw terminals on your power supply.



  • Input Connector: 3 Spade Connectors (inner width: 6mm; outer width: 8mm); Black is Line, White is Neutral, Green is Ground
  • Output Connector: 3 Pin 110V AC Standard US Plug (NEMA 5-15)
  • Length: 36"
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