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This is the Fillin' Station Flightline Fuel Caddy & Manual Fuel Pump      

             complete with Kwik Start glow starter from Dubro.                 


FEATURES: Kwik Fill fuel pump works with gasoline or glow fuel                 

          Kwik Fill fuel cap fitting features an aluminum nozzle               

          Built in tool and glow plug holders                                  

          Silicone fuel tubing for use with glow fuel included (for use with   

            gas see comments)                                                  

          Glo Ignitor holder hangs on Fillin' Station or clips on your belt    


INCLUDES: One Kwik Fill manual fuel pump                                       

          One Kwik Fill fuel can fitting set                                   

          One fueling probe                                                    

          One Kwik Start glo-plug ignitor with included charger                

          One 3'roll of standard fuel tubing                                   

          One Fillin' Station                                                  

          One 4-way glo-plug wrench with plug storage                          

          One instruction sheet                                                


REQUIRES: Fuel Jug                                                             


COMMENTS: For use with gasoline you must use Tygon fuel fubing (DUBQ0495).     

          The tubing included is for glow fuel only. 

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