Aluminium /carbon fiber Main Blade Balancer

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The Main Blade Balancer is made of Aluminum 6061-T6 and Carbon Fiber. It is machined 100% Precision CNC.
The Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Main Blade Balancer encompasses a series of specialized design features targeted at balancing Main Blades. It is capable of using for kinds of Main Blades in different hole sizes from Ø2mm to Ø5mm. Every detail was scrutinized with Balance Controls to adjust Balancer before balancing Main Blades. Upper Stand is built in Balance Mount with Radial w/ Flange Bearings for making the Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Main Blade Balancer more sensitive balance. All the hardwares seem sound without any issue with hardware breakage.
The Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Main Blade Balancer design will bring the best performance, the best rigidity, long-term durability and the best look to your helicopter. It is ready to bring your helicopter to the next level of performance and appearance.

1 x Aluminum Balance Mount MH-BMBL025
2 x Aluminum Balance Control MH-BMBC025
2 x Aluminum Lower Stand 42 MH-BMLAS42
2 x Aluminum Lower Support Balance MH-BMSB025
2 x Aluminum Mount Head M2 For Control Balance M2CB
2 x Aluminum Mount Head M4 For Hole Ø5 M405
2 x Aluminum Mount Head M2 M2BM
2 x Aluminum Mount Head M3 M3BM
2 x Aluminum Mount Head M4 M4BM
2 x Aluminum Washer 4x5.2x3.5mm 405235AW
6 x Aluminum Counterbore Washer 2.1x5.1x1.8mm 215118ACBWW
2 x Carbon Fiber Frame MH-BMFR025
2 x Carbon Fiber Upper Plate MH-BBUP025
1 x Steel Upper Stand MH-BMUAS42
6 x M2x6mm Cap Screw M2060CSS
4 x M2x12mm Cap Screw M20120CSS
2 x 4x9x4mm Radial w/ Flanged Bearing MF684ZZ

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