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This is Master Airscrew's Fiberglass-Filled                   
                     10x7 3-Blade Nylon Pusher Propeller.                      
FEATURES: Suitable for any application from training and sport flying to       
            serious competition                                                
          Factory-balanced 3-blade prop has NACA airfoils and holds true pitch 
          Accurately balanced to create a greater thrust at lower RPM          
          Constructed of glass-filled nylon                                    
INCLUDES: 10x7 glass-filled nylon 3-bladed pusher propeller                    
SPECS:    Diameter: 10" (25cm)                                                 
          Pitch:     7" (18cm)                                                 
COMMENTS: The general rule for converting a 2 blade prop to a 3 blade is to    
            subtract 1" from Diameter OR subtract 1 from the Pitch.            
          PER MASTER AIRSCREW: All 3- and 4-blade props are balanced           
            dynamically at the factory prior to drilling. The mounting holes   
            are then drilled slightly off center, if required, to properly     
            balance the propeller. As such, the mounting hole may be slightly  
            off center. Master Airscrew assures us this is perfectly normal    
            and will not cause problems during use. 
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