1/4 Scale LTWT J-3 CUB WHL 4 1/4 " (2)

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Add the Realism and Final Detail to your J-3 Cub with Du-Bros Treaded 1/4 Scale
Lightweight Cub Wheels. These J-3 Cub offer Bolt Together Hubs and Realistic   
looking "Cub" Wheel Covers.                                                    
FEATURES: The Wheel Covers are Yellow Lexan with the word "CUB" Printed        
            in Black on them.                                                  
          The Wheels fit a standard axle diameter of 5/32"                     
          These 1/4 Scale Wheels are Not inflatable                            
          These lightweight wheels feature a foam interior with a tough and    
            rugged exterior (rubber) skin for durability.                      
          Bolt Together Hubs.                                                  
INCLUDES: One Pair of 1/4 Scale J-3 Cub Wheels w/Wheel Covers                  
SPECS:    Outside Diameter: 4 1/4"                                             
          Width: 1 7/8"                                                        
COMMENTS: Standard Axle 5/32" diameter hub may be drilled out to 1/4".         
            "Cub" Wheel Covers are made of Lexan and can be painted.
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