Super Scorpion 90mm

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  • 90mm EDF with a brushless 3546-size, 1900Kv motor
  • High-quality Predator 130A ESC with 10A external UBEC
  • Durable, all-metal shock absorbing electric retracts
  • Wide-track landing gear with large wheels for grass or paved field operation
  • 12-blade EDF sound delivers an enhanced jet experience
  • 6-Channel control with functional flaps
  • Metal-gear servos provide precision and reliability
  • Plug-in wing multi-connector makes assembly and disassembly simple
  • New ball-style control horns and linkages for greater precision
  • Easy, bolt-together assembly–no glue required
  • Vivid trim scheme with environmentally friendly water-based paint


The exciting FMS 90mm Super Scorpion takes inspiration from our popular 70mm version to bring you a larger jet with all the benefits “going bigger” can provide. The result is a feature rich rocket ship that’s easy to handle whether you just want to cruise around or shoot through the sky like a speeding bullet. Functional flaps increase your flight envelope even further. Wide-track landing gear offers stable ground handling and is enhanced with the incorporation of all-metal, electric retracts that include shock-absorption and large wheels for smooth operation from paved or grass airfields. All eight control surfaces are individually linked with a dedicated metal-gear micro servo. Plus, you’ll enjoy the precision and adjustability of ball-link equipped linkages. 

The FMS 90mm Super Scorpion bolts together quickly; no glue required. Of course the lightweight construction with EPO means you can also count on a high-level of durability and performance. The power system utilizes a sweet-sounding 90mm 12-blade EDF system driven by a 3546-1900Kv brushless motor and 130A ESC combination for tremendous acceleration and speed when coupled with your high-C, 6S LiPo battery. If a twin-tail sport EDF has you excited about jet aerobatics, this Super Scorpion will not disappoint. 

Tech Notes

You will need...

Full-range 6+ channel transmitter and receiver 

6S 22.2V 5000mAh 45+C LiPo battery with EC5™ connector 

LiPo battery charger


Wingspan: 1140mm (45.2

Overall Length: 1320mm (52.93 in)

Wing Area: 29.4 (455.7

Flying Weight: 3200g

Motor Size: Brushless 3546-KV1900 (installed)

Radio: 6-Channel (not included)

Servos: 13g Metal Analog, 17g Digital Metal (installed)

Trim Scheme Colors: Orange, White

CG (center of gravity): 150-160mm

Wing Loading: 108.8g/ (0.25 oz/in )

Speed Control : 130A with 10A UBEC (installed)

Recommended Battery: 22.2V 5000mAh 45C (not included)

Aileron: Yes

Retracts: Yes

Experience Level: Intermediate

Recommended Environment: Outdoor

Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour

Is Assembly Required: Yes

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