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  1. Corvette Race
    SKU 10804
    Product Number 30186
    CAD $469.99
    Qty 1
  2. DTM Countdown - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11041
    Product Number 30181
    CAD $466.79
    Qty 1
  3. GT Championship - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11044
    Product Number 30188
    CAD $522.99
    Qty 1
  4. GT Force - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11040
    Product Number 30177
    CAD $410.59
    Qty 1
  5. Power Speeders - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11042
    Product Number 30182
    CAD $485.59
    Qty 1
  6. Pure Speed
    SKU 10806
    Product Number 30191
    CAD $489.99
    Qty 0
  7. Race 'n Rush - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11043
    Product Number 30183
    CAD $429.29
    Qty 0
  8. Race Duel - Set Scale 1:32
    SKU 11039
    Product Number 30175
    CAD $447.99
    Qty 1
  9. Racing Spirit
    SKU 10805
    Product Number 30187
    CAD $549.99
    Qty 0

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction

At AMR, slot car racing is in our blood. With two of the largest brands on the market—AFX and Carrera—we’ve got what it takes to push it to the max!

Ready to duke it out? Choose among a range of sets with varying track lengths and layouts, along with realistic car models painted with extraordinary details! Our kits also allow younger amateurs to race with more seasoned aficionados, thanks to improved grip and speed control. Cars are easier to maneuver and more intuitive. They can therefore handle higher speeds without going “off”, which means even more thrills for the whole family. With running track lengths of up to 62.5 ft, you won’t run out of challenges and fun anytime soon.

The perfect racing experience comes, of course, with the perfect car. AMR caters to your need for speed with slot cars that reflect your driving style and mood, so you can show your true mettle on the track. AMR has what you’re looking for: BMW, Audi, AMG or Chevrolet, our selection won’t disappoint. With faithfully reproduced details, our slot cars deliver power and style at every lap. They feature aerodynamic design and bold colour schemes, and are equipped with the latest technology and digital control.

AMR also offers a range of all the right tools, parts and accessories you’ll need to take care of your car.