PROP HUB A 1-1/4"

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 This is a 1-1/4" A-Style Prop Hub from Tru-Turn.                
FEATURES: Superior quality Barstock Aluminum construction.                     
          Backing plate is "Flush Mounted".                                    
          A 10-32 retainer screw provided with a hexagon socket drive insert.  
          This Prop Hub is generally meant for 1.40 and larger motors, but can 
            be used anywhere that the engine shaft is not too long to fit under
            the Prop Hub & where the Prop Hub does not look too big in relation
            to the center face of your Propeller.                              
INCLUDES: One Aluminum Hub                                                     
          One Aluminum Backplate                                               
          One Steel Allen Head Screw                                           
REQUIRES: Adapter Kit                                                          
SPECS:    Approx.Weight: 2.0oz                                                 
          Diameter:      1-1/4"                                                
          Length:        1-7/8"  
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