Mini Revobee32 F4 32K VTX FPV Flight Tower System

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iFlight Mini Revobee32 F4 32K VTX FPV Flight Tower System

Please write Target: Omnibus F43.2.0  

Recommended Motor: 11 size low kv motor equal to or lower than 4000kv , like iPower iX1106 4000KV.


The iFligh Mini Revobee32 F4 32K Flight Tower System Stack comes with OSD,5V BEC and 18A 4 in 1 BLHeli_S ESC.

The iFlight REVO Bee32 flight controller with OSD is the most advanced, performance driven, flight controller ever designed. Capable of running 32kHz gyro sample, PID loop, and motor loop, processing all calculations in real time. The Revo Bee32 is truly at the top of its class . The Revo Bee32 uses a F405 MPU and an Invensense 20608 gyro to give you the BEST performance possible. This gyro is by far the most noise free and accurate gyro available.

Difference between Acro 6DOF and Deluxe 10DOF is that Acro 6DOF Acro version has no Barometer Sensor while Deluxe 10DOF has.


The REVO Bee32 presents not only the BEST performance, but also the most STABLE performance due to the amazing vibration rejection technology implemented in iFlight. Our filters allow your quad to stay in the air no matter what! Damaged propellers caused by that insane gate clip on turn 3? Not a problem. You can still finish the race! For most people tuning is not even required. Our boards come preloaded with software and defaults that should fly amazing for 99% of people.

In addition to the vibration rejection technology, the SSG gives you the highest speeds currently possible with the lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity. The Invense 20608 gyro has never been used in any flight controller before and definitely gives you the leading advantage over others.


Just go to the google store and download the latest configurator and you should be ready to connect. Drivers should no longer be needed.

Setup Simplicity

Setting up the RevoBee32 is easy. The solder pin layout is easy to read with motor connections in each corner. Just solder the closest motors and remember the order 1, 2, 3, 4. Select your voltage on the bottom, as well as inverted or not. The Revo Bee32 also features DFU free updating and a self-healing and updating bootloader, just in case something does go wrong.


-Integrated vibration dampening dummies
-MCU : STM32F405
-On-board Betaflight OSD 
-Integrated LC Filter
-High Speed 32khz gyro(ICM-20608), lowest noise floor and highest sensitivity gyro ever used
-FrSky Taranis, Spektrum, Futaba, JR, IBus, Sbus and other radio support
-Integrated buzzer driver
-ESC flashing and configuration built into configurator
-Built-in 5v voltage BEC 
-Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm
-Mounting holes: 20mm squared to center of holes

Mini F4 32K Flight control SPECS

-Item name : F4 32K Revobee32 FPV Stack
-Weight : 11g
-Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm
-Mounting holes: 20mm squared to center of holes

iPeaka 18A Dshot ready 4-in-1 ESC SPECS

-Item name : iPeaka 18A 4-in-1 ESC 
-Weight : 8g
-Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm
-Mounting holes: 20mm squared to center of holes
-Continuous current 18A and 25A burst per motor
-Supply voltage 2-4S Lipo
-Silabs EFM8BB21F16G 50mhz MCU 
-BLHeli_S firmware
-Top quality MOSFET
-3oz high TG PCB board 

The iFlight Guarantee 

In addition to all the other amazing things the REVO Bee32 presents, Team iFlight FPV get access to iFlight’s tech support which will include step-by-step help with installation, tuning, and anything else that may arise with your REVO Bee32. We have by far the best support system and community in the industry. Join our slack and talk to other users, or contact support directly.

Force Mini 5.8G 48CH 25/100/200mW Switchable FPV Transmitter 

Support OSD Frequency and Power tuning

Protocol: IRC Tramp


- Support OSD Frequnecy and Power tuning;
- The output power is stable ,the far transmission distance: ≥0.5km@25mW, ≥0.8km@100mW, ≥1km@200mW
- Transmit power 4 gear switch: 0mw/25mW/100mW/200mW;
- Output 48 frequency points, and has E group 8 race frequency at the same time using each other without interference;
- Frequency lock fast, boot does not interfere with companions;
- Built-in output power self-check function;
- Full format video format: NTSC /PAL;
- Wide input voltage range. low power consumption; 7V~24V, +12V/170mA@200mW;
- Small volume: 27mm×27mm×4.5mm;mounting holes 20mm×20mm(4-M2) correspond exactly mini CC3D NAZE32 F3 F4 Flying control
- Light weight: ≤3.5g(including antenna)


-Input voltage: 7-24V DC
-Channel: 48
-Power transmission: 0mW / 25mW / 100mW / 200mW
-Size (mm): 27 * 27 * 4.5
-Mounting Holes Dimension: 30mm x 30mm
-Weight: 3.5g(including antenna)
-Connector type: IPEX Connector

OSD Frequency and Power tuning:
Power the Force VTX by 7-24V, Connect the RX port on VTX to FC. Let's take iFlight REVO Bee F4 as example, RX port on VTX connect to RX port on FC, Video IN on VTX connect to Video Out on FC. Bind Radio control to receiver, receiver connect to FC finish setting and control via radio control, and open Betaflight, choose UART6 in Port configuration on Betaflight, IRC Tramp on Peripherals position, click save.

And now, connction and dedug on Betaflight is finished. Now you can dedug via radio control, pull the throttle to middle, Yaw to far left, Pitch to top, and now there will be debug interface popup, Pitch up/down as choose, Yaw left right as confirm and quit, you can set PID, OSD, Frequency and channel, VTX power, after finishing setting you can quit and fly.

Package included:

- 1pc x Revo Bee32 Mini F4 flight controller with OSD/BEC 
- 1pc x iPeaka 18A Dshot ready 18A 4-in-1 ESC
- 1pc x Force Mini FPV Transmitter
- Cable Set

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