(4) Force32 45A V2 BLHeli_32 ESC OPTO (2-6s) DSHOT1200 Compatible

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iPeaka Force32 45A V2 BLHeli_32 ESC OPTO (3-6s) DSHOT1200 Compatible


iFlight iPeaka Force 32bit 45A V2 BLHeli_32 ESC is latest developed ESC based on both most pilots' needs and FPV racing drone perfomance requirements.
With iFlight Force32 firmware, it performs much better than previous ESCs on response speed, compatibility, pertinence, easy of use and on other aspects.
Multiple IC drive, high quality imported MOS tube by aluminium alloy pieces and ceramic capacitor adopted,dual MOS tube output,work along both lines to significantly reduced heat.
High current withstand capacity,enhancing system efficiency.
PWM throttle signal cable is twisted-pair which can effectively reduce interference produced inside the copper wire, accomplish stable signal, stable flight, steady speed.

Benefits of BLHeli_32Firmware on 32-bit ESC

32bit processors run faster than 8bit, at which we can expect better performance from the new 32bit ESC’s. Faster input signals with lower latency and higher update rate would be possible, such as Dshot1200 or even faster protocols! (Read about DShot) 
The 32-bit platform also allows more functionality and features that simply wasn’t possible on 8bit ESC’s, such as
- Programmable PWM frequency of up to 48KHz
- Auto-timing for higher efficiency and reliability
- Voltage/Current limiting
- Adjustable “Brake on Stop” force
- Improve direction change in Bidirectional mode
- ESC Telemetry
- Configuring from FC using D_Shot commands

- Note that these features are just ideas from the developer (aka sskaug) at the moment and haven’t all been implemented. Anyway we should discover more about the new possibility as development continues.
There will be a range of BLHeli_32 ESC coming out soon.
The ESC is default BLHeli firmware flashed.
If you use flight control with Betaflight firmware, you can connect FC to BLHeli 32 BLHeliSuite, to dedug 4 ESC. To download and flash BLHeliSuite you can visit www.blheli32.com.

Features compared to V1:

* Telemetry function
* Smaller size but brighter LED lights
* Double-Side solderable


* BB21MCU, 48Mhz Runs BLHELI_IFLIGHT FORCE_XX firmware 
* Constant: 45Amps
* Burst: 52Amps
* Supports 2-6S lipo input
* Dimension: 32.6*17*7.2Amm 
* Weight: 3.9g


Package Included:

- 1pc*  iPeaka Force 32bit 45A V2 BLHeli_32 ESC

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