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  1. 5-Syringe Set and 10 Needles
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  3. Park Flyer Tool Set (5pc)
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Take flight with AMR’s ready to fly remote-controlled helicopters! RC helicopters are some of our top-selling products, and make thrilling gifts for all ages and levels of experience. From beginner models to more advanced styles, we’ve got the best brands and models on the market, catering to a range of budgets. Choose a coaxial helicopter or single rotor from well-known brands such as Blade, Heli-Max and Align, and soar through the air: our RC helicopters are ready to fly when you are! Learn to take off, hover, fly and land without a hitch with AMR: for beginners, innovative technology means more stable rides and a smoother, more confident learning curve. If you’re more of an intermediate flyer, choose a high-voltage machine from our selection of more powerful models, and enjoy stellar performance and advanced technological features including Safe flight and panic mode.

Take to the skies with our RC helicopters, whether it’s in your backyard or at your nearest park or beach. AMR’s selection of helicopters is low-maintenance and low-complexity, making them a pleasure to enjoy day in and day out.

AMR also offers a wide variety of tools, parts and accessories for your RC helicopter. Should you need to add or tweak anything to your machine, check out our building and finishing materials section, and pick up what you need. Maintenance and storage solutions are also an AMR specialty, so be sure to take a look.