Futura Jet PNP 1060mm Purple

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CAD $440.99


Key Features

Start FeatureList

  • Powerful 3270-KV2000 motor
  • 80mm 12-blade Fan unit
  • High quality Predator 100A ESC
  • EPO40 foam material
  • Digital metal gear servos throughout for better controlling capabilities
  • New CNC-processed shock-absorbed metal landing gear set (Worm diameter, 10mm) helps to withstand those less-than-perfect landings.
  • Multi connector for one-step installation (With the latest multi-connect technology, FMS has streamlined the wiring system, eliminating wiring problems and making installation easier)
  • Oversized battery compartment
  • Button-type canopy hatch
  • No glue required, screw-together construction
  • Environmentally friendly water-based paint for better color and gloss

Needed To Complete

  • 6+ Channel Radio System
  • LiPo Flight Battery
  • Suitable Charger


Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) jets are developing a huge following. Their speed, mobility and cost - what's not to like? Meet the FMS Futura, which features a powerful 80mm, 12-blade EDF, a 1040mm (41.2 in) wingspan capable of producing 3400 grams of force (7.5 LBF). Plus, with a lighter EPO foam body, the Futura is as durable as it is nimble. Like speed? This is the plane for you.


Wingspan: 1060mm (41.7in)

Overall Length: 1170mm (46.1in)

Wing Area: 22 sq. dm (341 sq.in)

Flying Weight: Around 2500g (88.18oz)

Motor Size: Brushless 3270-KV2000

Radio: 6+ Channel Radio System

Servos: 9g metal digital Servo x 8

CG (center of gravity): 100-105mm rearward from the leading edge

Wing Loading: 113.6 g/ sq. dm (0.26oz/sq. in)

Speed Control : 100A

Recommended Battery: 22.2V 4000mAh 35C (not included)

Charger: Not Included

More Information
Numéro distributeur FMM095PPUR
Country China
Brand FMS
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