Evolution .46NX Glow Engine with Muffler

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Description Benchmark Prop: 11x6 12500 rpm Bore: .86 in (21.8mm) Carb Type: Barrel with two needles Crank Type: Ball Bearing Crankshaft Threads: 1/4 x 28 Cylinder Type: ABC Cylinders: Single Displacement: .46 cu. in. (7.50 cc) Engine (Only) Weight: 13.76 oz (390 g) Fuel Type: Glow Mounting Dimensions: 44mm x 17.5mm Muffler Type: Cast Muffler Weight: 3.20 oz (92 g) Prop Range: 10 x 6 to 11 x 7 RPM Range: 2000 to 12500 Stroke: .80 in (20.3mm) Total Weight: 16.96 oz (482 g) Type: 2-stroke glow
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Numéro distributeur EVOE0461
Country USA
Brand Evolution Engines
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Glow Engines
Engine Size Range (cc) 0 - 20cc
Engine Class Selection Single
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