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    SKU 6529
    Product Number OSMG0798
    CAD $953.99
  2. .15LA Non-Ring 10G Carb 871 Muffler
    SKU 8643
    Product Number OSM11532
    CAD $136.99
  3. .35AX ABL
    SKU 3485
    Product Number OSMG0545
    CAD $231.99
  4. .46AXII ABL Muffler
    SKU 3417
    Product Number OSMG0548
    CAD $217.99
  5. .55AX ABL
    SKU 3418
    Product Number OSMG0557
    CAD $245.99
  6. .65AX ABL
    SKU 3487
    Product Number OSMG0558
    CAD $286.99
  7. .75AX ABL
    SKU 3488
    Product Number OSMG0575
    CAD $313.99
  8. .95AX RING
    SKU 3489
    Product Number OSMG0580
    CAD $381.99
  9. 100BVT
    SKU 9664
    Product Number
    CAD $3,099.00
  10. 100cc 4-Stroke Twin-Cylinder Gasoline Engine
    SKU 14810
    Product Number SAIEG100TS
    CAD $2,315.99
  11. 10cc GAS ENGINE
    SKU 7840
    Product Number
    CAD $271.99
  12. 10GX 10cc Gas Engine with Pumped Carburetor
    SKU 8869
    Product Number EVOE10GX2
    CAD $272.99
  13. 112B2RV-J Champion Gas engine
    SKU 2863
    Product Number
    CAD $1,610.99
  14. 112R2-J Inline Gas engine
    SKU 7547
    Product Number
    CAD $2,353.99
  15. 120AX RING
    SKU 3490
    Product Number OSMG0650
    CAD $408.99
  16. 150B AAC With Muffler:BI
    SKU 11190
    Product Number SAIE150B
    CAD $544.99
  17. 15cc GAS ENGINE - Rear mount
    SKU 1591
    Product Number
    CAD $271.99
  18. 15cc Gas Engine with Pumped Carburetor
    SKU 9492
    Product Number EVOE15GX2
    CAD $340.99
  19. 160BVT
    SKU 9665
    Product Number
    CAD $3,327.99
  20. 180B (New Case) AAC w/Muffler : BK
    SKU 11191
    Product Number SAIE180B
    CAD $612.99
  21. 180B2RV-J Champion Gas engine
    SKU 331
    Product Number
    CAD $2,199.99
  22. 182 Twin Cylinder Dual Plug: DD
    SKU 11192
    Product Number SAIE182TD
    CAD $1,021.99
  23. 195B2RV-J Champion Gas Engine
    SKU 11415
    Product Number
    CAD $2,399.99
  24. 20% YS 20/20 Gal 20% Oil: Air HAZ
    SKU 9515
    Product Number BYR2120019
    CAD $38.59
  25. 20cc GAS ENGINE - CNC
    SKU 1358
    Product Number
    CAD $284.99
  26. 20cc GAS ENGINE - Sport BM
    SKU 1357
    Product Number
    CAD $284.99
  27. 210B2-J Gas engine
    SKU 291
    Product Number
    CAD $2,685.99
  28. 210B2RV-J Gas engine
    SKU 289
    Product Number
    CAD $2,369.99
  29. 210B2RV-JS Gas engine
    SKU 290
    Product Number
    CAD $3,999.99
  30. 210R2-J Inline Gaz engine
    SKU 2075
    Product Number
    CAD $3,629.99

Items 1-30 of 162

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The engine truly is the heart of your machine. As such, finding a high quality, reliable engine at an affordable price can be a little daunting. At AMR, we understand engines, and we have a very large selection perfect for your RC plane, boat, car or truck. Come browse our choices and discover premium precision craftsmanship and efficient performance from some of the best brands on the market.

Choose among affordable 2-stroke engines for sportier rides, or 4-stroke engines for even more power and durability. All are guaranteed to deliver excellent performance and value, with an easy start and reliable fuel feed. Our gas engines fulfill all the best technical parameters: lightweight, low vibration, efficient, easy to tune and reliable. They are also packed with power, and with improved cooling capacities, which ensure a longer, smoother ride out there.

We also have a wide selection of glow engines, with or without mufflers. 

Invest in one of our top quality engines, treat it well, and it will reward you with many years of fun and excitement.

Of course, AMR also offers a wide range of engine accessories, including fuel tanks, engine mounts, mufflers, and more!