AeroSIM Radio Control Training Simulator

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The simulator box includes a CD-ROM with the software, and the USB interface.

The USB interface has a 3.5 mono jack that can be directly connected to the following transmitters: JR, Spektrum, Hitec Aurora, Turnigy 9X, Walkera Devo, FrSky Taranis X9D, Graupner(with DSC)

An Adapter is required for other transmitters, consisting on a short cable with a female 3.5 mono jack on one end, and the type of connector required for the particular transmitter at the other end.

Available Adapter types are:
  • DJI Phantom New Transmitter (jack 3.5mm stereo)
  • Futaba Square Plug
  • DIN6 for Futaba Round Plug and Hitec
  • Multiplex (DIN5, compatible with DIN7 and DIN8)
  • Graupner with Trainer Socket (jack 3.5mm stereo)
  • ESky/WFly/Storm/HK-T4A/HK-T6A (minDIN4)
  • Sanwa minDIN4
  • Sanwa DIN5

FPV features
The simulator is being quite successful among FPV enthusiasts for its unique FPV features. The on-board FPV Camera in all models can be controlled from the transmitter (or even from a Head Tracker), and several types of OSD present the GPS and flight data in a realistic way.

There are also customers interested in practicing FPV over their actual flying site, and the simulator includes a Scenario Generator to build new scenarios from satellite imagery, captured, for instance, from Google Earth. Multirotor Models
We have recently added several Multirotor models (DJI, Mikrokopter, GAUI, MultiWii) that have been tested by the their creators, and users are finding very attractive the simulator in order to protect their investment by learning to fly them first in the simulator.
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