Product Number:
CAD $165.99

Displacement: 4.07cc (.2485 cu in) Bore: 18mm (.708") Stroke: 16mm (.630") Horsepower: .84 BHP at 18,000 RPM Weight: 248g (8.8oz) 10.8oz w/muffler Length: 75.6mm (2.98") distance from the backplate to drive washer Width: 30mm(1.18") width of engine neglecting engine mounting flanges 38mm (1.50") distance between centers of the mounting holes Height: 75.5mm (2.97") Crankshaft Thread Size: 1/4-28 Recommended Props: Pattern Flying: 9x5, 9x6

More Information
Numéro distributeur OSMG0525
Country JAPAN
Brand O.S. Engine
Covering Selection N/A
Drone Models N/A
FPV Models N/A