0125A ADAPTER KIT ST 2000/3000

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This is the 10x1.25mm Standard Adapter Kit from Tru-Turn.           


FEATURES: Steel construction.                                                  

          Tapped 10-32 for cone screw.                                         

          Used to mount Tru-Turn aluminum spinners onto the following engines: 

            SuperTigre 2000 to 3000 (use TRUQ3060 for the G2300 engine)        


INCLUDES: One Prop Nut                                                         

          One Washer                                                           


REQUIRES: 9/16" End Wrench To Tighten                                          

          Tru Turn Aluminum Spinner                                            


SPECS:    Crankshaft Thread Size: 10 x 1.25mm                                  

          Spinner Mounting Bolt Thread Size: 10-32                             


COMMENTS: While This Adapter Does Not Use A Bushing, It Is REQUIRED That Some  

            Modifications Be Made To The Spinner Backplate.  The Backplate     

            Must Be Reamed Out To 10mm (.394) For 2000 to 3250, and 12mm (.473)

            For G4500 Engines.  This Must Done Accurately!                     

          Use The SuperTigre Aluminum Washer Under Your Tru Turn Adapter Nut   

            and Washer, Then Check Closely For Threads Bottoming Out Or        


          Tru Turn Will Modify Backplate For A Small Fee and Postage Paid.     

          The 10-32 Bolt That Is Included With The Spinner Might Require       

            Cutting, Depending On The Prop Used.

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