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TECH NOTES This is the Carburetor for the DLE-35 RA Gasoline Engine, DLEG0435. FEATURES: Asembled and ready to install INCLUDES: Carburetor for the DLE-35 RA Gasoline Engine SPECS: Carburetor Settings Low Speed Needle: 1.1 turns out as a starting point, adjust for a smooth idle and a reliable transition to high throttle High Speed Needle: 1.5 turns out from closed, adjust needle to peak RPM, if engine slows or dies at full throttle, the high-speed mixture is likely too lean BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.13" W. X 2.13" H. X 2.63" L. BOX WEIGHT: .27 LBS. THIS PART IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE FOLLOWING KIT(S): DLE-35RA Rear Exhaust Gas Engine w/EI & Muffler
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