Blue Block After Run Oil Refill Bottle 4.5 oz

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EVOX1002 Evolution Blue Block After Run Oil Refill, 4.5 oz. Specifically formulated to protect your glow engine from rust and corrosion, Blue Block prevents potentially harmful deposits and provides a longer, cleaner lifespan for your engine. It's available in a convenient, easy-to-store dispenser with a handy refill bottle. Users of Blue Block after run oil have recently noticed that the bottle of oil will become frosted or cloudy looking when exposed to the colder wintertime temperatures prevalent right now. This is not ice of course as there is no water in Blue Block after run oil. This is a colloidal suspension of some components in the Blue Block formula. It certainly is not a problem of any sort and will disappear as soon as the temperature is above 5 (41F) degrees centigrade. - Inhibits formation of rust and extends glow fuel engine life - Facilitates easy starting This is the only after run oil we carry because it's the best.
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