AR. Drone Propellers (4): Drone 1, 2

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This is a replacement Parrot AR Drone Propeller Set. These propellers have been specially designed for the AR.Drone 2.0 by a team who won the 'French Army Micro Drone' contest. They are made to optimize power consumption and thrust. Propellers are marked either "C" (for 'clockwise') or "A" (for 'anticlockwise'). The propellers should be mounted as follows, motor 1: "C", motor2: "A", motor 3: "C", motor4: "A". This kit includes 4 propellers (2 "C" and 2 "A"), and 8 c-clips. For easy mounting, a special c-clips tool is available in the "mounting tools kit" to easily insert and remove the c-clips which hold the propellers and the gear on the shaft. Also compatible with AR.Drone.
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Numéro distributeur PTAPF070045
Country USA
Brand Parrot
Drone Models Bebop
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