Airopult Model Restraint

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Why take safety for granted when starting R/C model airplanes. Stop using poles, chairs, boxes or other peoples legs! Now you have the Airopult to safely and efficiently restrain your R/C model airplanes whilst you prepare yourself for a great days flying.

The Airopult will restrain up to 99% of small to medium R/C model airplanes from moving forward and backwards during start up, thus preventing those unexpected and unwelcome accidents to yourself and others.

The Airopults attachments will also enable you to restrain low tail draggers and tricycle R/C model airplanes.

Suitable for use on grass and hard type surfaces. Lightweight, compact, quick to set up and easy to use. The Airopult will soon prove to be an essential part of your flying equipment.

You can now safely restrain your R/C model airplanes independently with only the Airopult to assist you.

The Airopult has been designed with your safety in mind.

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