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Features 15% lighter than other similarly sized engines Splined throttle arm The perfect engine for Hangar 9's Cub and .40- to .50-size 3D airplanes Lightweight AAC construction Overview If you're looking for a 4-stroke to power your .60-size airplane, you'll want to check out Saito's latest release. Saito's new .72 fits in the same space as most 60s and at just 16.6 ounces, it's the lightest weight engine in this 4-cycle displacement category. The .72 features an all-new crankcase with the same mounting dimensions as the Saito .56. This is achieved by narrowing the case just below the mounting flanges. Our staff has over 2 hours of run time on the .72, both on the bench and in a Hangar 9 .60-size Super Stick. On the bench we compared the new .72 to the Saito .65 and to its nearest competitor using several different props. The new .72 consistently turned 400600 rpm more than its .65 sibling and 200300 rpm more than its nearest competitor on the same fuel. Also, the .72 weighs 3 ounces less than both, providing a much greater power-to-weight ratio than other brands. In the 71/2-pound Super Stick, the .72 gives unlimited vertical performance. Handling, starting, idle, and transition are excellent, just what we've come to expect with Saito engines. Saito's .72 is available in a standard version or a Golden Knight version featuring a gloss black powder-coated finish with gold rocker covers. For overpowering performance at a fraction of the weight, check out Saito's new .72. Specifications Type:4-stroke Displacement:.72 cu in (11.80cc) Bore:1.06 in (27.0mm) Stroke:0.81 in (20.60mm) Cylinders:Single - Chrome Plated Total Weight:17.6 oz Engine (Only) Weight:16.0 oz Muffler Weight:1.6 oz Crankshaft Threads:M7 x 1mm Benchmark Prop:13x8 APC @ 9,800 Prop Range:12x814x8 RPM Range:2,00012,000 Fuel:10%30% Synthetic Mounting Dimensions:104 x 56 x 111mm Muffler Type:Cast Cylinder Type:AAC Carb Type:Barrel, 2-needle valve Crank Type:Ball bearing
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Brand Saito Engines
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Glow Engines
Engine Size Range (cc) 0 - 20cc
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