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Key Features Gasoline version of the well-known FA-300T glow engine Broader torque curve with gasoline fuel applications Phenomenal 4-stroke sound in a gasoline package Complete with electronic ignition, mount and mufflers Overview The Saito™ brand is proud to introduce their first twin-cylinder gas engine—the FG-57 twin gas engine. The FG-57T is designed for larger models, specifically scale applications where the sound of the engine is a key factor in the flying experience. The FG-57T is the only twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine on the market that is fueled by gasoline. As a result, the benefits are easier tuning and operating costs savings of up to 90% over similar glow power systems.* By combining the reliability of gas with the sweet sound of Saito, advanced technology and foresight are once again helping Saito lead the way into the future. And, like all Saito engines, these powerhouses are engineered with that same Saito quality and reliability our customers have come to know and trust. *Decreased operating costs of up to 90% over nitro engine performance based on fuel consumption and price per gallon. Product Specifications Type: 4-stroke Airplane Displacement: 57cc (3.50 cu. in) Bore: 36mm (1.40 in.) x 2 Stroke: 28mm (1.10 in.) Cylinders: 2 Total Weight: 87.1 oz (2.5 kg) Engine (Only) Weight: 76.2 oz (2.2 kg) Muffler Weight: 4.2 oz (119 g) Crankshaft Threads: 10mm Benchmark Prop: Mehzlik 23 x 8 5900 rpm Prop Range: 22 - 23 diameter x 8 - 10 pitch RPM Range: 1200 - 7000 rpm Fuel: Premium gas (93 octane or better) Muffler Type: Flexible tube (included) Cylinder Type: Ringed chromed aluminum Carb Type: Walbro
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Brand Saito Engines
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Gas Engines
Engine Class Selection Twin - (Boxer type)
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