500B4-J Gas engine

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Very powerful, very light and compact, super low vibration level and easy to cool quad boxer 500B4-J. This engine with separated heads and especially designed and secured cranshaft alongside with completely new design of cylinders brings very high level of reliability, durabily and great combination of power/weight/price ratio.

  • Displacement: 493 ccm
  • Weight: 13300g ignitions included
  • Bore: 56mm
  • Stroke: 50mm
  • RPM range: 800-8500 ot/min
  • Ignition: processor controlled, dampened casing
  • Spark plugs: CM-6
  • Spark plug electrodes gap: 0,5-0,7mm
  • Intake system: Reed valves
  • Recommended oil: Full synthetic oil for two stroke air cooled engines
  • Recommended fuel: Automotive gas BA 95 or higher
  • Fuel mixture oil:gas: 1:30(break-in) 1:40 (normal run)
  • Carburettor: 2 x Walbro WB-27
  • Normal/Max CHT: 160/200 degrees of Celsius
  • Fuel consumption: see dynamomeeter graph
  • Propeller configuration: Tractor or Pusher
  • Optional eqiupment:
  • Electric starter: 12V/370W
  • Electric generator: 500W/28V /-200mV
  • Belt reduction gear: Ratio on demand. (Standard ratio 1:2,7)
More Information
Country Czech Republic
Brand ZDZ
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Gas Engines
Engine Size Range (cc) 140 cc +
Engine Class Selection 4 cylinders - (Boxer type)
Giftcards Type N/A