420B4-J Gas engine

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Significantly improved former version of ZDZ 420B4 engine with new cylinders for higher performance and much better cooling and new improved design of crankcase. Whole system including ignition was integrated into a "unit" which is now easy to install and user can be sure, that installation of ignitions is done properly. No need to think about how and where to install ignitions. No need to be afraid of temperature of the neither vibrations. Two stroke four cylinder flat model gas engine 420ccm. Suitable for giant scale airplane models with weight over 40kg and wingspan over 4 meters.

  • Displacement: 420ccm
  • Weight: 11000g
  • Bore: 52mm
  • Stroke: 50mm
  • RPM range 1000-8500RPM
  • Ignition: processor controlled, dampened casing
  • Spark plugs : NGK CM 6
  • Spark plug electrodes gap : 0,5-0,7mm
  • Intake system : Reed valves
  • Recommended oil : Full synthetic oil for two stroke air cooled engines
  • Recommended fuel : Automotive gas BA 95 or higher
  • Fuel mixture oil:gas : 1:35(break-in) 1:40 (normal run)
  • Carburettor : Walbro WB-27
  • Normal/Max CHT : 160/200 degrees of Celsius
  • Fuel consumption : 9,8l/hr @ 75% power
  • Propeller configuration : Tractor or Pusher
  • Static thrust (twinbaldes)
  • Fiala prop 40x20 : 72kg @ 4600RPM
  • Fiala prop 40x18 : 74kg @ 4700RPM
  • Fiala prop 40x16 : 76kg @ 5000RPM

Optional equipment

  • Electric starter : 12V/370W
  • Electric generator : 500W/28V /-200mV
  • Belt reduction gear : Ratio on demand. (Standard ratio 1:2,7)


More Information
Country Czech Republic
Brand ZDZ
Engine Size Range (cc) 140 cc +
Engine Class Selection 4 cylinders - (Boxer type)
Giftcards Type N/A