224B4-J Gas Engine

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Boxer fourcylinder with displacement 224ccm. The newest member of 56/112/224 family. Engine with supersmooth run great acceleration and lowest weight in its class.  It is next fourcylinder made by ZDz which producec flat quads for 20 years already. With this engine you can easily use heavy load propellers with no fear from crankshaft twisting. 

Engine has awesome power while having very very low vibration level and smooth acceleration. It is a perfect choice for your machine. 
Simply it is the lightest and the most powerfull engine in its clas. Beside precision machining it hides also special solution for securing crankshaft against twisting.
Displacement: 224ccm
Weight: 4970g
Bore: 45mm
Stroke: 38mm
RPM range 1000-8500ot/min
Ignition:  Processor controlled 4,8-7V
Fuel mixture N95+rec. oil: 1:35
Recomm. twinblade props 32x14,34x12,34x14, 36x10
Recomm threeblade props: 28x14,30x12, 32x12...
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Numéro distributeur 224B4-J
Country Czech Republic
Brand ZDZ
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Gas Engines
Engine Size Range (cc) 140 cc +
Engine Class Selection 4 cylinders - (Boxer type)
Giftcards Type N/A