16oz V2 Smoke Tank w/Mount

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  • Available in four sizes of 12 fluid ounces, 16 fluid ounces, 20 fluid ounces, and 32 fluid ounces. 
  • Crystal Clear allowing quick visual checks of any possible pollutants in your smoke tank.
  • Lightest weight commercially available R/C smoke tank on the market. Many cases less than half the weight of the competition. 
  • Incredibly resilient and truly seamless tank body with a threaded on closure
  • No rubber stopper to crack, leak, or split your tank apart. 

Fourtitude R/C ARF Smoke tanks include: A high quality double sided hook and loop mounting strap, and precut to shape foam mounting pad. Everything you need to get smoking up the sky ASAP! 

These crystal clear plastic tanks are square shaped which makes mounting into your aircraft very simple. 


16 ounce (473 ML) - Length 7 3/8” x Width 2 3/8” x Height 2 3/8” (187.3 x 60 x 60 mm) Weight 1.75 ounces

Perfect for 30 to 60cc size aircraft smoke system.

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