16 Oz V2 RTU Glow Fuel Tank

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  • Available in four sizes of 8 fluid ounces, 12 fluid ounces, 16 fluid ounces, and 20 fluid ounces. 
  • Crystal Clear allowing quick visual checks of any possible pollutants in your smoke tank.
  • Lightest weight commercially available R/C  tank on the market. Many cases less than half the weight of the competition. 
  • Incredibly resilient and truly seamless tank body with a threaded on closure
  • No rubber stopper to crack, leak, or split your tank apart.
  • Can be used with YS crankcase pressurized systems  
These crystal clear plastic tanks are square shaped which makes mounting into your aircraft very simple.


16 ounce (473 ML) - Length 7 3/8” x Width 2 3/8” x Height 2 3/8” (187.3 x 60 x 60 mm) Weight 1.75 ounces
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