112R2-J Inline Gas engine

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Two stroke 112ccm inline twincylinder gas engine with procesor controlled ignition. 

This engine is designed for scale models purposes to precisely suite narrow nose of some of these models.

Very smooth running with nice sound and perfect power. 


Displacement: 112ccm
Weight: 2750g
Bore: 42mm
Stroke: 35mm
RPM range 1000-8500RPM
Ignition unit: Proc. controlled 4,8-7V
Fuel mixture N95+rec. oil: 1:35
Recomm. twoblade props:  24x12,26x10-12,27x10
Recomm. threeblade props: 23x12, 24x10, 24x12

More Information
Country Czech Republic
Brand ZDZ
Engines - Fuels - Accessories Gas Engines
Engine Size Range (cc) 100 - 123 cc
Engine Class Selection Inline
Giftcards Type N/A