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Vess Propellers look different because they are designed and manufactured differently. For a long time there was a tried and true core design for RC propellers from which manufacturers would make small changes when trying to make their products stand out from the rest. This idea was developed initially by Robert Vess. Vess Propellers began with a clean sheet of paper along with modern design tools used with an open mind to find the best contours for the job. It is important to realize that the propeller is one of the crucial systems that make our planes perform in the air. Everybody wants to be able to bolt on performance. Now you actually can, plus you can tune how the plane responds in different conditions or situations. Click image to enlarge The interaction of various engines and airframes was studied to guide the design of Vess Propellers to maximize their performance on those real world combinations. Vess found that rather than one consistent pitch they could improve performance of the prop by altering the pitch, width and shape of the blades over their length. Sophisticated computer tools were used to define the best combinations of those propeller properties to enhance performance in the real world environments. When the design was perfected it could be fed to CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines to be produced with extreme accuracy. The distinctive curve of Vess Propellers comes from this sophisticated design and development. Vess optimized the chord, thickness, blade angle, and airfoil at many points along the length of the blades. This new design process also called for a non-linear twist distribution that further enhanced performance. Along with pure performance these unique blade shapes were tweaked to help control the noise generated.
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