#11 BLADE BULK (100)

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This is a Bulk Pack of 100 #11 Classic Fine Point Knife Blades by X-Acto.    
FEATURES: Precision-crafted of the highest quality carbon steel with hard,     
            sharp points and finely honed cutting edges                        
          Designed to handle a variety of tasks where accuracy and cutting     
            ease are essential                                                 
          Use for delicate, precision cutting, detailing, trimming and strip-  
            ping of paper, plastic, balsa, and basswood                        
          Fine point                                                           
INCLUDES: 100 qty. #11 Classic Fine Point Knife Blades                         
REQUIRES: Type A Handle
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Numéro distributeur XACR3411
Numéro Manufacturier X611
Country USA
Brand X-Acto
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