1/10 Yeti 4WD Kit

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          This is the 1/10 scale Electric Powered, Radio Controlled            
                         Yeti Rock Racer Kit from Axial.                       
FEATURES: Chassis: Plastic tub type with bolt-on 4 link mount for rear         
          Drive: Four wheel, WB8 HD Wildboar 3-piece rear driveshaft with      
            strengthened slider-floater tube, captured cross pin design        
            eliminates older set screw design for greater durability and ease  
            of maintenance                                                     
          Shocks: Icon aluminum body, oil filled                               
          Steering: Updated dual shear rack with full ball bearings and        
            machined steel guide posts                                         
          Transmission: Single speed with brushless motor gearing (2nd gear    
            fixed), adjustable motor mount, 2-speed optional gear set will be  
            available in the future                                            
          Slipper Clutch: Dual design uses a pad on each side of spur gear for 
            added surface area for more precise tuning and holding power       
          Front Suspension: Independent design allows better control direction 
            of travel ant high speeds when one side is adjusting to road       
          Rear Suspension: AR60 rear solid axle, multiple tuning options, three
            upper link positions to adjust anti-squat, lower link mounts can be
            flipped to change roll center, long travel sway bar, aluminum lower
            link plates                                                        
          Front Bumper: New KOH style with light mounts, and compression mount 
          Wheels: 2.2 Method IFD (interchangeable face design), black in color 
          Tires: 2.2" (56mm) diameter Falken WildPeak R35 compound             
          Receiver Box: Waterproof                                             
          Body: Molded lexan, one-piece with separate roof, scale accessories  
            molded grill, headlight buckets  and hood vents, body attaches     
            using multiple attachment points                                   
          Battery Tray: Fully adjustable, accomodates most standard size 2S and
            3S LiPo batteries                                                  
          Driver Figure: Molded-in race suit with three interchangeable        
            helmets, motocross, open skull-face or motorsport version          
INCLUDES: Yeti Rock Racer kit with Body, Beadlock Wheels, Tires, Body          
            Accessories, 3-Driver Helmets, Instruction Manual                  
REQUIRES: Radio: 2-channel with high-torque steering servo                     
          Motor: Brushless, the Axial Vanguard 3150kV (AXIC1047) is an ideal   
          ESC: To match selected battery                                       
          Battery: 2S or 3S LiPo pack with Dean's connector                    
          Battery Charger: To match selected LiPo Battery                      
          LiPo Charging Sack, Track and Maintenance Eequipment                 
SPECS:      Vehicle,                                                           
          Length: 19.5" (495mm)                                                
          Width: 12.3" (312mm)                                                 
          Height: 7.7" (195mm)                                                 
          Wheelbase: 14.25" (360mm)                                            
          Ground Clearance: 2" (50mm)                                          
          Weight: 6.51lbs (2.9kg)                                              
          Length:  17.2" (437mm)                                               
          Width:    7.3" (185mm)                                               
          Height: 5.5" (140mm) including roof


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